“Practice does
not make perfect,
perfect practice
makes perfect”

– Sean Bechtel
“Traveling around the world training and racing”
professional, triathlete, COACH
Coaching Update

Approaching 2014, I made a decision to put more time and energy into coaching athletes rather than racing myself.   It had been a very enjoyable year. My favourite thing about coaching is the wide variety of speeds and abilities that I encounter and the challenge of making training programs that suit each individual athlete. […]

Long Awaited Race Report

If you don’t know the story at the start of the year I had no plan to do an Iron distance race, the start of the season started off slow with a flat at the first race in Alabama.    the season was starting to get back on track and then the opportunity came up […]

Bracebridge Race Report and Upcoming Races

It has been a long gap between races but there is a reason.   That reason being is that I have decided to do another Iron Distance at Challenge Penticton August 24th.   Because I decided to do the race late I needed to take a lot of the weekends over the last month to […]